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Special Prosecutor’s Office Desecrating His Office – Manasseh Azure



Special Prosecutor's Office Desecrating His Office - Manasseh Azure 1



Award-winning Ghanaian Investigative Journalist, Manasseh Azuri Awuni has observed that Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu is now desecrating the very office he occupies which is supposed to be used in fighting graft.

Mr Amidu on Monday, November 9, 2020, in his typical epistle took former President John Dramani Mahama to the cleaners over the description of his decision to defer investigation into the Airbus Scandal as ‘cowardly and stupid’.

According to Mr Amidu “The long public service of the Special Prosecutor spanning various aspects of security and intelligence from the period of 1982 to 7th January 2001 and July 2009 to January 2012 makes him more experienced in determining when it is not conducive to the national security interest to foolhardily take certain law and order actions. The Special Prosecutor owes that exercise of discretion to his vast experience over the years, his responsibility to maintain national stability and his conscience as a patriotic anti-corruption crusading Ghanaian.”

Adding he said “there is no question of stupidity or cowardice about it. Any person aspiring to be President of Ghana for a second term who does not know that a cardinal principle in security and intelligence is that “caution is the better part of valour” was not and is not worth the vote”, he said.

But the journalist in reaction to the last article by the anti-graft crusader better known as a Citizen Vigilante said: “Martin Amidu’s posture is extremely disturbing. There’s nothing “special” about this. The office is being desecrated.”