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Stephen Atubiga descends on ‘wicked’ Sherry Ayittey for ‘disrespecting’ him at NDC headquarters.



Stephen Atubiga descends on ‘wicked’ Sherry Ayittey for ‘disrespecting’ him at NDC headquarters. 49



Stephen Atubiga, leader of the National Liberation Party has advised the leadership of the National Democratic Congress, NDC, to ring changes in the composition of its Functional Executive Council, FEC.

Atubiga in a Kofi TV interview accused some members of the party’s FEC for being disrespectful and arrogant.

He recounts that when he was invited by the leadership of the party to clarify a statement he made on Facebook in relation to Eugene Arhin’s divorce saga, some members of FEC acted disrespectfully towards him.

He specifically mentioned former Health Minister, Sherry Ayittey as one person who treated him with scorn and disdain.

Describing her as a ‘wicked woman’, Atubiga said that whiles Asiedu Nketia was pleading on his behalf, Sherry Ayittey was making derogatory statements about him.

“I was summoned by the party and when I got to the FEC, to be honest NDC must do some changes at their FEC. They are kids there who got there by virtue of appointment but think they have arrived. They have no respect for people. The only person who treated me with some respect was Asiedu Nketia.

“But the rest like Sherry Ayittey who disgraced herself as minister … She is a very wicked woman. Very wicked. If you want someone who is really wicked then it is Sherry Aryittey. Asiedu Nketia was pleading that I’m his boy so they should be lenient and Sherry Ayittey was like if I’m his son then he should take me away. She spoke as if the party is for her and her husband but I put her in her place and made her understand how we suffer to bring votes to the party” he said.

Atubiga went to lament about the party and revealed that its late founder Jerry John Rawlings wished for the party to lose the 2020 elections.

“NDC is not a serious party and they’ve lost value. I can tell you for a fact that Rawlings didn’t want NDC to win the 2020 election. I spoke to him in 2019 and he was worried with happenings in the NDC. He asked me to speak out against the things going on in the party. He complained about our national chairman and the deputy General Secretary.”

He went on to commended Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin whom he described as the only ‘credible member’ of the NDC.

“Alban Bagbin is the only credible person in the NDC now. He is the one holding the s