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stop Forcing Unnecessary Trends – SisterSandybiy3guy advises Queen Haizel



queen haizel

Welcome to Ghana where everyone who comes up with some thing for it to go viral is called a Celebrity.

The term ‘Trend’ is giving to these things that go viral for people to talk about it or practice.

Some of these ‘Trends’ are forced hence classified unnecessary.

Host of Ahosepe on professionally known as SisterSandybiy3guy on her show fires people who come out with unnecessary trends just to become a celebrity using Queen Haizel as an example.

Sometime back, News surfaced in Ghana that Ghanaian songstress by name Queen Haizel was dead. Her ‘rumored’ death created a lot of discussion with some people sad and others saying it was a lie and just to seek attention.

After a while the songstress was heard on radio saying she travelled on bus to Barbados which also sparked controversies.

This triggered SisterSandybiy3guy to advice the Ghanaian Songstress saying;

“Let me tell you something, that by force trend you need to stop, I must trend by force in Jesus name you need to stop. You sat down to arrange that you are dead but unfortunately the news didn’t trend, you see you are back? It’s not a good thing You need to stop the unnecessary trend”, She advised.

Below is her advice,

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