[video] Stubborn pedestrians at Madina redirected with a cane

Despite the construction of a footbridge at Madina Zongo Junction to avert the high rise of accidents involving road users, some disobedient pedestrians are still in the act of indiscriminately crossing the road.

A contract for the construction of the footbridge was awarded in November 2018 and was completed within some few months after massive protests.

But pedestrians and residents have refused to use the footbridge with reason that the rather awkward design of the footbridge requires a lot of effort to use.

This uneventful reaction to the design of the footbridge has caused security agencies to coerce pedestrians into using the bridge.

On January 6, 2020, a military man stationed at the traffic light subjected some stubborn ‘defaulters’ to some exhaustive military drills to serve as a deterrent.

As though that wasn’t enough, some pedestrians have resumed their usual ‘duty’ of directly crossing the road instead of using the footbridge.

Well this time, the MTTD officer stationed there didn’t have to subject pedestrians to drills but used a cane to redirect them. Some persons who had already crossed the road halfway, had to return and use the footbridge after he motioned with a cane ordering their immediate return.

According to reports from traders, a joint police-military force has been stationed at the Madina Zongo Junction traffic light to ensure compliance with road safety measures.

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