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Teachers are being victimized for speaking out – Murtala.



Teachers are being victimized for speaking out – Murtala. 46



Member of Parliament for Tamale Central Ibrahim Murtala Muhammed has alleged that teachers are afraid of voicing their needs to the government for fear of being victimized.

According to him, some teachers who voiced out problems in their schools and within the Ghana Education Service (GES), especially in the rural areas, were either transferred or sanctioned.

He recounted on the New Day show with Johnnie Hughes on TV3 Tuesday, August 3, most of the rural schools face logistical challenges, yet the government has not attended to them.

He revealed how he had to donate to a school in his constituency due to pleas from friends.

“The headteacher didn’t have the courage to tell me they have that problem because the moment you speak out, you’re either transferred or sanctioned,” he said.

The former Deputy Minister of Trade under the Mahama administration added:

“The heads of various institutions, we have had reports of such, where heads of institutions have spoken out and they have been sanctioned, they have been transferred to places certainly they wouldn’t have been transferred to but for the fact that they have spoken out.”

He further encouraged the GES to give teachers and heads of institutions liberty to voice out their grievances to enable progress.

“They should have the luxury to speak out because when they speak up, it doesn’t necessarily have to be fixed by the government; a philanthropist can decide to fix such a call,” he said.