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Things every Friday born should know.



Things every Friday born should know. 49



Traditional doctor and Founder of Sabash Herbal Center, Dr Kwaku Sabah has shared some unfortunate misfortunes that befall people born on Friday.

According to him, each person born on a particular day of the week has an associated misfortune that naturally occurs in their life, and these misfortunes can only be changed provided the victims are aware of it.

Talking about some mysteries that happen to Friday borns to Kwabena Boafo on Happy 98.9 FM’s Nsem Pii, he said, “Friday borns are always taken advantage of. People always want to cheat them and have their way with them.”

He however shared that there are certain ways to prevent these things from happening but it can only be done the traditional way. “Unfortunately, people do not believe in this way.”

“I have said time and time again that until we come to accept and acknowledge the fact that we need our herbs and traditions, we’ll keep facing such situations because we lack the knowledge.”

He stated that such predicaments can be solved with certain herbs but people choose to ignore the cure and rather face the consequences.

He advised, “It’s high time we come together and accept that our traditional medicine is not evil, but rather invented by God. He created all the plants himself so once you believe in Him, you should also believe in his creation”.