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Video: I Can’t Date A F00lish Guy Like Kuami Eugene, Vanessa Nice.



Video: I Can't Date A F00lish Guy Like Kuami Eugene, Vanessa Nice. 1

Vanessa Nice, hit maker of “all night long” said she prefer matured and rich guys to broke and senseless guys like Kuami Eugene during an interview with sister Sandy.

She said this as Sister Sandy asked repeatedly whether the rumors on social media about her date with Eugene was true, but she debunked all the rumors and stated emphatically that she’s interested in dating matured guys, preferably sugar daddy’s to young immature guys like Eugene.

“She’s not my boyfriend and I’m not his girlfriend….. there’s nothing between the two of us, he just write my songs for me and people speculate over that. He has his girlfriend and but I’m don’t boyfriend. I will reject his proposal if he does propose to me, he is not my type of guy and even if I’m to date, i will date a sensible guy, someone taller than me and a rich guy” she said’

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