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“We Are Ready to Go Home or Die”-Nigeria Union of Traders, Association of Ghana



"We Are Ready to Go Home or Die"-Nigeria Union of Traders, Association of Ghana 1

The Nigeria union of traders, association, of Ghana (NUTAG) has send a strong warning to the abosseyokai traders associations to open their shop or deal with them.

This comes after the association earlier decided to shut all retail shops belonging to foreigners in the enclave leading to the arrest of the leadership and some members.

About 100 retail shop belonging to foreigners were locked by the association whose leadership has vowed not to open them because they are engaging in retail business in contravention of the trade laws.

Chief Chukwuemeka Levi Nnaji, President of the Nigeria traders’ association of Ghana speaking on behalf of the group said his members are subjected to harassment and being intimidated all day but trying as much as possible to keep their cool because they expect the government to calm down issues.

He bemoaned that if calm is not restored, he will order his men to open their shops and might never smoke the peace pipe with the abosseyokai traders.

“We are ready to die or go home whichever comes first”

He again reminded the Abosseyokai spare parts association that Ghanaians are scattered all over Africa and they will retaliate if care is not taken.



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