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Which 5 hours? – How Cecilia Dapaah responded to duration of OSP’s search.



Which 5 hours? – How Cecilia Dapaah responded to duration of OSP’s search. 49




Paul Adom-Otchere, host of Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana show has recounted a meeting with embattled former sanitation minister, Cecilia Abena Dapaah and her husband at their residence in Accra.

The Good Evening Ghana host disclosed that he had specially been invited by the former minister to their residence in the midst of the brouhaha surrounding missing monies from her home.

Paul said on the July 27 edition of his show that he met the minister during the day prior to appearing on the show.

One of the main issues he raised with her was the reports that a five-hour search at the residence, by the Office of the Special Prosecutor, earlier that week had led to discovery of fresh stash of money.

Paul: I am talking to Cecilia Dapaah and I am saying, Aunty Ceci, is this all of the house? Is this where the five-hour search took place?

Mrs. Dapaah: Which five hours, which five hours.

Adom-Otchere continued the account of the meeting, stating that he was told that the house was built in 1976, that they had been in the house since 1976.

He threw a jibe at the OSP, who he accused of arresting the former minister and parading photos and videos of her residence during the search. Allegations that the OSP has flatly denied as well as reports of a search and discovery of new stash of monies.

Watch Adom-Otchere’s account below

He also spoke about being blessed by husband of the former minister stating that Ms. Dapaah was in high spirits despite the challenge she was facing.

“For an 84-year-old man to tell you, late 40s, that God bless you from his heart, blessings, I received it,” he said in reaction to the husband’s blessings for his efforts.

He narrated how Cecilia Dapaah offered him food at a point which he politely rejected. “I was looking at her and I was laughing. This is a woman in trouble and she was in that high spirits,” he remarked.

Watch Adom-Otchere’s presentation below: