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Why are Africans so religious?



Why are Africans so religious? 53



Tanzania, where I live, has a high proportion of Christians and Muslims. There are also indigenous religions, but most choose religions that entered the colonial era.

A religiously-based social culture is formed and they are involved in it.

When I talked to them, not all of them were so faithfully religious. However, they belong to a culture already formed based on religion and have an active role within it. It seems difficult to leave out religion in their daily lives. However, they still suffer from various mental problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

Why are Africans so religious? 54

Although they are exhausted and complex, they seem concerned about being alienated from the social framework they have formed. They are afraid of going against social regulations, ideas, and customs. This is because belonging to it is the basic step in which each person can prove himself.

People feel alive only when their existence is recognized as they are compared to each other.

What do they really want?

People come to me for various reasons.

They told me.

It’s painful since I lack confidence.

I’m having a hard time with my relationships.

I’m overwhelmed by so much work to do.

We aren’t solving economic problems.

I’m stressed out and can’t control my emotions.

I want to find peace of mind.

Ultimately, their problems were caused by their own minds. Their minds were not true and were far from the truth. Each religion says, God is in me, the land of God is in me, Buddha is in me, land of Bliss is in me, Allah is in me, and the land of Allah is in me. Only when these words actually happen to them can they truly claim to follow religion. There are various problems in life that arise because the words do not actually come true.

Although listening to their stories and providing advice is useful, meditation, which clears the mind, is the best solution. The more false minds that cause problems in their lives disappear, the more truth and the truth exists within them. Naturally, they find their lives are improving.

Why are Africans so religious? 55

People who learn the principles of the world and practice constantly abandoning their false minds have changed their looks. Their faces were becoming brighter as their minds improved. Their words were also changing.

-I’ve got used to meditating before bed, and now I sleep well.

-The person who used to make me nervous changed as much as my anxiety disappeared.

-My son is no longer complaining and is doing well in school.

-My co-worker who used to bother me doesn’t bother me anymore, I smile at her.

-My face turns so young and white that my coworker asks me what cream I’m using.

The way to satisfy everyone must transcend all religions. When the original mind that beyond religion is fully within me, we will finally understand and love each other sincerely.

In the past, Africa, although there were numerous tribes, had a peaceful appearance that acknowledged and did not collide with each other and was just mixed with each other.💛💚🧡

They were well aware that harmony and fusion with each other was the way they could survive.

It’s time to regain the noble identity that represented you. Hope, you can sincerely focus on yourself and cleanly empty your mind.