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Why Men Have Trouble With Intimacy.



Why Men Have Trouble With Intimacy. 56

Intimacy issues are a common problem for many men out there. The fear of intimacy and how to overcome intimacy issues can prove to be paralyzing dilemmas for men that are afflicted with intimacy problems with their partners.

Is your boyfriend afraid of intimacy?

There are a plethora of reasons as to why men struggle with intimacy. Still, we will try to cover and debate only the biggest and relevant factors that trigger men’s intimacy issues and how to help a man with intimacy issues.

What does intimacy mean to a man?

Intimacy can mean a number of things to a man and, in general. Know them below:

  • Physical intimacy

When it comes to intimacy, physical intimacy is the first to pop in the head. Of course, physical intimacy is an integral part of the relationship, but it does not necessarily mean sex. 

A couple can be physically intimate when they are merely cuddling, kissing, hugging, and holding hands. Not just this, couples working out, dancing, couples’ massages are also the forms of a physically intimate relationship.

  • Emotional intimacy 

Emotional intimacy plays a crucial role in bringing the couple closer together. While relationships have their own share of ups and downs, emotional intimacy is what keeps the couple glued through tough times.

Developing emotional intimacy requires time and effort but makes the relationship healthy and secure.

  • Experiential intimacy. 

Experiential intimacy means bonding with your partner over leisure activities like traveling, doing chores, etc, to find signs of compatibility. This type of intimacy requires you to show commitment to be with the person and show efforts towards the relationship.

But, why do guys distance themselves after intimacy?

Most commonly, men’s fear of intimacy symptoms are when they do not reply to touches, are reticent, and fail to open up themselves and form new connections, leading to no intimacy in the relationship. 

All of the earlier stated are signs of intimacy issues that have their roots in more profound and much more complex issues, which we will be discussing in the following.

The reasons behind why men struggle with intimacy

When it comes to men and intimacy and why men fear intimacy, sometimes the solution to the problem isn’t that simple. 

Some of the reasons why men struggle with intimacy are linked to childhood abuse, abuse from a previous relationship, issues related to low self-esteem, and low self-esteem in bed while performing.

When it comes to fear of sexual intimacy in men, childhood abuse puts a mark on every victim, and for men, this translates into their adult life in intimacy issues. 

This can cause the fear of intimacy in men, and devastating as it may be, a man afflicted by this will inevitably have various parts of his life unstable.

Abuse coming from a previous relationship is also one of the main culprits for the reason why men struggle with intimacy. Dating someone with a fear of intimacy spawned from one of his previous relationships can prove to be difficult.

When a man shuts down emotionally, he might have suffered some sort of emotional or physical trauma (or both), and might not be willing to move forward and overcome his fears so easily. This can cause physical intimacy issues or emotional intimacy issues in marriage.

Self-esteem plays a major factor in the mental well-being of a man. Low self-esteem will automatically have an effect on male intimacy.

Low self-esteem fogs the mind and weakens, sparking fear of intimacy in men. Some men have problems in bed and struggle for intimacy. So, allow your man to develop confidence in himself and seek ways to level up his self-esteem

This happens because they feel they have low performance in bed and fear they cannot last long enough, but this can be aided through therapy and counseling.

How to help a man with intimacy issues

How to overcome intimacy issues? 

Well, there are a number of methods that you can use if you’re dating someone that suffers from it. Male intimacy is a delicate problem to address for women if they want to learn how to help men overcome them.

When it comes to overcoming intimacy issues in marriage, first of all, nothing comes from “not talking about it.” The two main ingredients for how to build intimacy with a man are:

  • Understanding
  • Empathy

Sexual communication plays an essential role in a committed relationship, thus establishing proper communication needs to be ensured for men with intimacy issues and who struggle for intimacy. 

If you’re dating a man with fear of intimacy, you need to know that you’ll be getting yourself into. It’s rough at first until the “barrier is broke.” But women do learn how to build intimacy with a man that gives off signs he’s afraid of it. 

If he is dealing with intimacy issues, you can express yourself properly in conversations. For example, if you yearn for his physical contact, you can say: “I feel lonely when you don’t hold my hand. I just want to feel yours into mine because I love you so much.”

Therapists recommend that dialogue between partners is the key in how to build intimacy with a man and overcome the dreadful male intimacy cycle.

Practice your communication and empathizing skills with your partner if you want to learn how to deal with his struggle for intimacy. His male intimacy can be unlocked with accurate empathy and effective expression if you just have patience with him.

Yes, it’s difficult in the beginning when dating someone with intimacy issues, but, over time, if you ensure proper communication and support towards him, you will teach him how to overcome his fears.