Why slow dating is important and needed.


Slow dating is a much more relaxed way to get to know another human. A licensed professional counselor, Crystal Bradshaw explains, “it’s an ‘old’ way of finding a mate since it takes more attention and patience. A person intentionally focus his/her energy on one person for an extended period of time as you gradually get to know them over the course of longer dates and over a longer period of time.

Slow dating might mean less drinks and more dinners, more walks through the park and no having sex on the third date, and so on. Since the introduction of Tinder into the market 2012, online dating has changed dramatically. Not only is it a more accepted way to meet someone, but there are endless apps available, all of which cater to various niche audiences and intentions.

While this opens the field of possibility, many singles find it overwhelming in the least, and makes slow dating seem like a better solution. Many people prefer to receive fewer matches that are quality ones over being flooded with a mass quantity of non-viable matches on some of the dating apps.

It seems a possible return to the way our parents dated, for those who are tired of being ghosted or pairing with people who aren’t on the same page, many welcome this shift. Slow dating has a lot of benefits such as.

Slow dating is actually more compatible with our body!
Our brains are wired to attach slowly over time, and love is something that grows slowly, over time. Feelings of romantic love and deep attachment have to be cultivated, through getting to know someone. You won’t know who someone is by their profile, nor will you know who they are and if they are a good fit for you based on one single date.

When you’re dating slowly and investing in one another through meaningful conversations and experiences, you create a bond. This usually means holding off on having sex for as long as it takes, so your emotional connection is cemented before you marry.

Here, certain psychologists give their best strategies for putting this habit in action:

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