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World Cup match fixing still hunts me – Richard Kingson tells ‘chilling’ story of Germany 2006.



World Cup match fixing still hunts me – Richard Kingson tells ‘chilling’ story of Germany 2006. 46



Former Goalkeeper of the Black Stars has told a chilling story of how he continues to be hunted by the imagery punters who approached him to give away 2 goals in Ghana’s second world cup match in Germany.

Richard Kingson expressed how some men approached him in Germany with over $300,000 to give away Ghana’s 2nd world cup match against the Czech Republic.

Having qualified for the world cup for the first time in Ghana’s history, Richard Kingson tells the story of how he was approached by punters to ensure he conceded 2 goals in Ghana’s 2nd game.

He tells Asempa fm’s Enoch Worlanyo Wallas, his wife saved him from not collecting the money from the Supposed punters who had invited him to a Hotel in Germany.

“Before our game against the Czech Republic, some guys invited me to their hotel and offered my $300,000 to allow Ghana lose 2 goals, I told them to give me time to think about it, then I called my wife who was with me for the tournament, she told me not to collect that money”

Richard Kingson says he refused the money, and the subsequent game against the Czech Republic was his greatest fame fir the Black Stars.

Kingson, 42 recounts how that incident continues to replay in his mind 15 years after the tournament.

“I always remember the incident, and thank God I did not take that bribe, I feel, that action offered me Greater opportunities in football”.

The former Blackpool, Birmingham City, and Wigan Athletic Goalkeeper says he feels blessed to have had all these experience as a Goalkeeper, and forever remains grateful.