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‘You can file for divorce if your partner is not having sex with you’ – Lawyer.



‘You can file for divorce if your partner is not having sex with you’ - Lawyer. 49



A private legal practitioner, Fiifi Buckman, has explained that marriage without sexual intercourse cannot be described a marriage.

The lawyer stated that the completion of marriage is through sexual intercourse also known as consummation.

Lawyer Buckman noted that consummation can be described as complete penetration of the vagina by the penis.

He said if a couple by their own agreement, decide not to consummate for a period based on some reasons including the unavailability of a partner, that is different.

However, if after marriage the husband refused to penetrate the wife, it could serve as a ground for a divorce.

He said “we cannot have a marriage without sex. After marriage, the couple must have sex to consummate the marriage. Without sex, there is no marriage. What would be the essence of marriage if the partners do not have sex”?

He was speaking on Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm.

The lawyer further explained that another ground a partner can seek for a divorce is when there is cruelty.

In explaining that he said if after the marriage you consummate the marriage but your partner denies you sex for some time, it could serve as grounds for divorce. You can not deny your partner sex when you are married. That amounts to cruelty and unacceptable.”