5 Indications You’re Giving Your Partner Too Much Space


Giving your partner space from time to time in your relationship is good. It allows you both to enjoy or reflect on your personal lives. Sometimes romantic relationships can seem too overwhelming or obsessive especially when couples are overtly into each other. So, giving space can help settle that.

However, overdoing this can have some certain adverse effects. One of the most likely to happen is growing apart from your significant other. So, how do you know when you’re giving too much space?

Your Communication Has Reduced

Communicating with your partner is a vital part of your relationship. Even if you’re spacing out, it’s necessary to keep communications at a reasonable state. When you notice you both don’t have the time to talk to each other or you’re sending a lot more monosyllabic messages, then it is time to act on rejuvenating your love life.

You haven’t spent quality time together for months now

It is understandable that people get busy at different times. However, you’re always expected to make out time for the love of your life. If you keep using work as an excuse for not seeing, you’re slowly separating yourself from them.

If you’ve lost interest, it’s best to let them know rather than deliberately choosing not to make out time to be with them. In the case where it is unintentional, create a schedule to help bring you back to consistently seeing again.

You Don’t Remember The Last Time You Had S*x

If you’ve been having a lot of s*x before, a drastic reduction is a sign that something is wrong. Since s*x can help build intimacy, you should consider speaking to your partner if it has become very little or is no longer existent.

You Don’t Know What’s Going On In Your Lives

Imagine having a bad day and your partner isn’t interested in knowing it. Even if you don’t see each other very often, you should make out time to talk about your day to the person that matter the most to you.

You Don’t Show Support

A while before this, you’re used to showing up for your partner for the different activities that they are passionate about. If you notice that you don’t do this as much anymore, then its a sign that you’re drawing away.

Paying attention to these tiny details are some of the things that makes your relationship special. Consider working on yourselves if you’re experiencing any of these signs to have a better relationship.



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