Keep it in your pant

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It is yours and not for him or them, so keep it in your pant without any hesitation. As a woman who was beautifully crafted like a diamond in the middle of a precious and expensive wedding ring, don’t easily allow “that” man to penetrate what describes you as a woman, if he doesn’t deserve it.

No man deserves what is in your pant unless he has done the needful and passed through all the processes. What are the needful and the required processes? The needful and the required processes are the bride price and marriage ceremony. Unless you want “that” man to penetrate freely, then you can allow him not to do the needful and pass through the processes.

My sister, that cheap practice also comes with a cost. Remember that no man is a robot to stay with a lady who freely gives. A man wants a lady who respects herself. A lady who is made of moral integrity. A lady who is very difficult to penetrate through her panties. A lady who is responsible. A lady who is psychologically strong and can stand any form of temptation.

The above-mentioned qualities are what can cause a man to magnetically attract to you and do the needful. Keep “that” sweet, succulent, expensive, saucy, juicy, attractive, delicious, luscious, syrupy, candied, sacchariferous, wet and sugar-like soft hole in your pant.

If you allow him to taste it before doing the needful and going through the required process to legally have you, he will not view you in prestige. He can even dump you like a piece of trash. If that happens, don’t blame the devil. Because the devil himself does not have time for cheap things.

What makes it worse is when women continuously open their legs in ninety degrees wide and offer their succulent “holes” by expanding it to 360 degrees, to undeserving men, to countlessly enter and exit. Your sweet “hole” is not an airport for aero planes to consistently be landing on it.

Do not give him that chance. He might use that to insult you in the future and disgrace you in front of his friends. Protect your dignity. Protect your future. Protect your life. Protect your worth and protect your wealth. You also deserve a responsible husband. Therefore, keep it in your pant.

By Saint Ayisi


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