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2021 Census ends but mop-up likely.



2021 Census ends but mop-up likely. 48



The 2021 Population and Housing Census is scheduled to end on Sunday, July 11.

The exercise began on the night of Sunday, June 27.

2021 Census ends but mop-up likely. 49
The First Family was the first to be counted on Monday, June 28, 2021

So far, according to officials of the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS), a large portion of the country has been covered with only a few left.

The few were as a result of challenges to do with border disputes, not meeting residents in households earmarked and some households growing in size between the time of earmarking and enumeration.

Speaking on TV3‘s News 360 on Saturday, July 10, the Head of Methodology at GSS, Johnson Owusu Kagya, said the exercise has been largely successful.

“I think that the exercise has gone very well largely,” he emphasised.

“We have been able to almost achieve the set objectives for the exercise except that we are a few miles away to making sure that we have achieved the objectives but largely I will say it’s been good.”

He said resolutions have been reached with communities where boundary disputes were a challenge and more officials have been deployed to areas where the exercise delayed.

“We are putting measures in place to make sure that we get all these people enumerated,” Mr Owusu Kagya assured.

He said after Sunday, census officials will still be seen in some areas.

“I wouldn’t want to call this an extension because by the end of [Sunday], we will have only few areas yet to be covered but we will do a mop-up to mobilise human resources to cover this pocket of areas that are yet to be covered.”