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5 Crazy Things Guys Do To Impress Their Girlfriends.



5 Crazy Things Guys Do To Impress Their Girlfriends. 1

1. Drinking too much.

Drinking too much
Who knows why it is that some blokes feel inclined to drink like they invented it whenever they’re trying to impress a new girl. Sure, the added confidence may let you get away with some lines your weaker self may have shied away from, but there’s a balance. Generally, the ballast to that balance is the point in which you’re in the bathroom screaming at the porcelain. OK, you’ve gone too far. Remember, all the good work your confidence spike gave you early in the night will be shattered by the image of you covered in vomit with a security guard under each arm.

2. Talking a big game

Talking a big game

The only thing worse than the shy guy at the party is the shy guy who’s trying to act like the cool guy. If you’re shy, who cares? Run with it. You’ll look interesting. If you try too hard to act like the more confident guys around you — because you think that’s what the girls will go for — then you are underestimating their idiot radars. Unfortunately this isn’t something you can put on; some people are just more confident than others, but there’s nothing worse than someone acting like something they’re not.

3. Wearing muscle T-shirts.

Wearing muscle T-shirts

If it’s Venice Beach in 1984 and you’re pumping iron while listening to Tone Loc, skip ahead; this doesn’t apply to you. For everyone else, do not under any circumstance fall into the misconception that a girl is going to go gaga for you just because you have the guns out and are offering free tickets. Great, you’re well built. Well done, you! If you must, take her to the beach and you’ll get in all the flexing you want. Otherwise, shirt please.

4. Lying.


We’re not talking about the little white lies (number of sexual partners, anyone?), but more the whoppers that are inevitably going to unravel at some point and leave you red-faced and alone. Little details, like you are already seeing someone, are best out in the open. If you have to do it, keep your lies manageable and harmless, and trace back paths down which they might fail. Claiming to be a Wimbledon Tennis umpire is going to be a tricky one to back up, at least for one month every year.

5. Taking her to art exhibitions you know nothing about.

Taking her to art exhibitions you know nothing about

The idea of a perfect date is to do an activity that is of interest to both parties. Under no circumstances should a guy stretch himself so far out of his comfort zone for the sake of a date that he leaves himself as transparent as glad-wrap. Example A: Don’t take a girl to an art exhibition if you have absolutely no interest in art and thus walk around the gallery sending texts to your mates about the loving that’s coming your way later that evening. Worst still would be to actually act like you know what you’re talking about – she’ll see straight through it.

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