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A pregnant woman beats her man because of lack of chop money.



A pregnant woman beats her man because of lack of chop money. 1



A very unfortunate incident that happened, Last two weeks, in one of the areas in Ashaiman called, Kuberkurom number one.

A guy named Otu, was beaten mercilessly by his pregnant girlfriend called Mavis, what brought the fight between the two lovers, was lack of chop money.

According to Mavis her boyfriend Otu, has stopped given her money, for her up keeps, anytime she asked her boyfriend Otu money for food and for medical treatment, Otu will says he doesn’t have money, she has been pregnant for two months, she one day visited Otu in his room, and found thousand cedis on Otu table and when she asked Otu question concerning the money she saw on his table, he denied that the money does not belongs to him.

This triggers a hot quarrels between them, and Mavis slapped Otu, and beats him roughly.

What makes many people who heard the story, has begins to asked questions, is why Otu was beaten by Bavistin other words a woman beaten a mantis it because Mavis is pregnant, that is why Otu didn’t lay a finger on her, or Otu is not strong enough as a man, who will lose guard for a woman to beat him?

Per my checks Otu has already taken the responsibility of Mavis pregnancy, for he has been in a relationship with Mavis for two years.

Otu is a mason by profession and Mavis is a apprentice who is learning hairdressing, per my investigation, both of them really loved themselves very well.

I suspect that Mavis pregnancy is stressing her up and think Otu don’t want to take good care of her, but that is not the case, Otu is a responsible man, just that he is in a financial handicap, that is why he is not providing the needs of Mavis as a man.