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‘The country is sick’- Steve Manteaw joins viral #fixthecountry campaign.



‘The country is sick’- Steve Manteaw joins viral #fixthecountry campaign. 1



A former Chairman for the Public Interest and Accountability Committee (PIAC), Steve Manteaw, has added his voice to the viral #fixthecountry campaign.

The campaign, which started on the microblogging site, Twitter had some unhappy Ghanaians venting their displeasure over what many describe as a failure on the part of successive governments to improve the lives of the citizenry.

Over 240,000 tweets of posts have been made on Twitter highlighting some of these shortages.

The campaign seeks to get the government to fix the country in areas such as the rising youth unemployment, dilapidated health system, skyrocketing home-renting structure, poor road networks among others.

Dr. Steve Mantew- Former PIAC Boss- he also touched on the fix the country campaign, Failed One District One Factory and other related issues in the country.

Commenting on the #fixthecountry campaign with Kaakyire Ofori Ayim on Atinka FM’s AM Drive, A former Chairman for the Public Interest and Accountability Committee (PIAC), Steve Mateaw says the country is sick and needs campaigns such as #fixthecountry to put the authorities back on their toes.

Steve Manteaw recounted a conversation he had with some students of the University of Ghana who, according to him, have lost interest in the tertiary education, although they were in school.

He revealed that the students were worried over the fact that they would have to be part of the unemployed graduates association in the country.

“ The country is sick and needs to be healed. Look at the increment in petroleum products, how do you increase petroleum products in a time like this. This will affect, transport fares etc. What is the future of the country especially the youth?” Steve Manteaw asked.

Asked whether or not government’s 1 district 1 factory among other policies are not enough to fix the country, Steve Manteaw answered in the negative adding the government has failed woefully in fulfilling the 1 district 1 factory policy.