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A Plus goes after Gifty Anti again.



A Plus goes after Gifty Anti again. 49



A Plus encourages men to stand up for their rights

Musician highlights the need for equality

A Plus fights feminists

It has been less than three days since Kwame A Plus, a musician cum political activist attacked the host of the StandPoint show, Oheneyere Gifty Anti in an interview for making it appear as though women don’t need men.

On May 31, 2022, the controversial political activist again in a Facebook post together with the picture of Gifty Anti and her husband.

Unclear what triggered the post, A Plus asked men to stop other women from lying to the younger ones else men in the coming years will be fighting for equality.

Drifting from the topic of equal rights for men in the coming years, the activist also added that in the occurrence of reported sexual assault cases by some women, he is of the belief that the majority of them are lies.

“If men don’t stop such people from lying to young ladies, in 20 years or less, men will be fighting for equal rights and the right to even exist. Many sexual abuse cases are fake. Just lies!! They just want to destroy men. Many women have become evil.

“When they don’t have husbands they decide to look for power to abuse men by forming some useless groups. Feminists in Ghana are just lonely females who lack love because of their suban bɔne!! Fight them back!!

“A man is a man; the head of the house and everything!! Real men love and respect women who understand that a man and a woman are not the same!!!” he added.

Kwame A Plus had in an interview on Original TV accused Gifty Anti of creating an impression in young girls that men are not important, but after she had a man in her life, her wedding lasted for three consecutive days.

According to him, Gifty Anti, after her three days of royal weddings, later had to adopt the name ‘Oheneyere’ to wit, the ‘chief’s wife’.

Speaking on the ‘Pae Mu Ka’ show on Original TV, the leader of The People’s Project, TPP, noted that women who lack men in their lives are the ones going about claiming to be feminists and creating all negative thoughts in the minds of young girls.

What Gifty Anti preached

The celebrated broadcaster has been interested in women’s empowerment. She has always encouraged women to among others strive for excellence, eschew inferiority complex and over-reliance on men for survival.

The Standpoint show which has been in existence for years is an educative, empowering, influential, discerning TV programme that deals with issues affecting women in their social lives, cultural lives, health, tradition, politics and in terms of leadership.

The programme also gave opportunities to some young women in their various trades to have a chance at life.