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BBNaija All Stars: I once professed love to married man – CeeC



BBNaija All Stars: I once professed love to married man – CeeC

Cynthia Nwadiora, called CeeC, a Big Brother Naija All Stars contestant, stated that she is never the one to hide her feelings if she finds a man likable.

She claims that contrary to popular perception, men should approach women, she approaches males she likes.

She stated this in a chat with Tolanibaj, Ike and Adekunle.

The lawyer described how she once invited a man out only to discover that he was married. She claimed that her affections for the man vanished quickly.

CeeC said, “If I like a guy, I’ll walk up to you and tell you that I like you 100 per cent. And liking you doesn’t mean I’ll be chasing you up and down.”

Tolanibaj asked, “You’ll walk up to a guy and tell him you like him?”

And when she replied, “Yeah. Straight up,” Tolanibaj started singing: “Never will I… Never will I.”

CeeC said, “When you tell guys that you like them, they are gonna chase you. A guy will go for a girl that’s liking him more than the one he is not sure about.”

Ike corroborated: “Men prefer to go with a girl they know likes them than the fine ones that they like but will give them stress.”

CeeC added: “I have once told a guy that I like him, but then I saw that he is married and that was the end. If I like you, I’ll tell you. If men can tell women that they like them, why can’t women? I don’t give a f*ck about society standards.”