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Bodyguards for MPs an indication of a failed security system – Akwada.



Bodyguards for MPs an indication of a failed security system – Akwada. 1



The Interior Minister confirmed the lack of security in the Ghanaian society by providing armed bodyguards for Members of Parliament (MPs), Executive Director of the Bureau of Public Safety, Nana Yaw Akwada, has said.

According to him, there will be no need for the lawmakers to be given special body guards to protect their lives if the entire security of the country is in best shape.

He explained on the Sunrise show on 3FM Wednesday April 14 that the state must make it a priority to provide adequate top notch security for all persons in the country.

Contributing to a discussion on the recent robbery cases in some parts of the country, Mr Akwada told host of the programme Alfred Ocansey that asked the security agencies to up their game in ensuring a safer society.

“We all know the factors motivating [the proliferation of illegal small arms]…The Interior Minister confirmed the lack of safety in the society by providing bodyguards to our MPs.

“If the system was working efficiently and the Police response I stop notch and the Police is engaging the communities very well and actively in the fight against crime there wouldn’t be any need for you to provide armed guards for MPs. It is because the system is not working,” he said.

Mr Akwada further noted that although crime rate is dropping, the few cases that are being recoded lately are becoming ruthless.

“Even though the incidence or the number that is happening is reducing the outcomes, the signature they left behind has actually gone up.

“And so let us not be quick to jubi9ltae that violent crimes has declined, we must look at how and why it so becoming more brutal now than yesterday.

“It is becoming more brutal. Comparing 2020 to 2019, the same year that an MP was shot and killed at close range without any provocation whatsoever.

“The year when an MP was shot and killed and was left there with his Mobile phone, his gold ring and every item on him. So violent crime has decreased but it has become more brutal,” he said.

He added “I think we need to appreciate this. What are the law enforcement agencies doing about this? They are supposed to lead in ensuring safer communities, safer societies and a safer country.”

A Mobile Money vendor in her 20s has been attacked by armed robbers around Takoradi Presby Quarters.

The attack on Hannah Asandoh led to the shooting of a taxi driver who went to her rescue.

According to reports, the incident took place around 7:25 pm on Saturday, April 10 when the vendor was approached by two young men to do transaction, for which she demanded their ID.

One of the guys suddenly attacked her and struggled with her to take a bag containing her money.

She then started shouting for help, attracting the attention of a taxi driver by name John Abakah, who was washing his car nearby.

The driver then rushed to the rescue of the vendor but got shot in the thigh by the robbers.

The robbers managed to bolt with the bag containing an amount of about GHS800.

The driver is currently responding to treatment at the Effiankwanta Hospital emergency ward.

This incident happens a day after another Mobile Money vendor got shot by armed robbers at Ahinkofi-krom.