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Bulletproof vest and Helmet were my introduction gear to life in Afghanistan – Charlotte Osei.



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Former Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC) Madam Charlotte Osei has revealed that wearing a bulletproof vest and a helmet was her introductory gear to life in Afghanistan on a United Nation mission.

“When I arrived in Kabul, the UN driver and UN armored vehicle meet you. When they take you inside your car the first thing they give you is your bulletproof vest and your helmet…so that is your introduction to life along with your laptop. And you are always in an armored vehicle”, she revealed on Accra-based Joy Fm monitored by

On how she felt wearing these protective clothing, she said “I am quite adventurous so I was amused but at some point in time you will be scared”

She however revealed that she was given safe training by the United Nations (UN) prior to traveling to Afghanistan for that international assignment.

“Part of the training they give you…there is something on safe training which really tells you what to do when you are in a crisis. They teach you a lot on emergency response, giving first aid to yourself or to others. If there is an injury how to bind it, what to do and how to use your kits. They also teach you what to do when you are in a car accident” she revealed.

It would be recalled that the United Nations (UN) in 2019 appointed Mrs. Charlotte Osei as part of international advisors to support the work of Afghanistan’s electoral management bodies.

This was prior to the South Asian country presidential elections in September 2019.

The former Ghana Electoral Commission (EC) Chair joined a team of other UN-appointed election experts from around the world to provide technical support, capacity building and electoral best practice advice to the Election Complaints Commission and the Independent Electoral Commission in Afghanistan.