Can a married man love his mistress? 4 Legit Truths No One Will Tell You


Can a married man love his mistress? 4 Legit Truths No One Will Tell You

Seemingly, I did not realize how prevalent a phenomenon this was. This issue about married men messing with mistresses and mistresses wondering “if the man really loves me and if possible marry me” BUT he must divorce the wife before anything.

I do not fluff anything I am just going to give you the reality of the situation. BUT know that the advice that I give you has your absolute best interest at heart.


Point 1. Can A Married Man Love His Mistress? Love or Lust.

To answer the question I think we must define love. The definition of love can be very subjective depending on what you consider love to be. Love is beyond the feel good emotions, love is beyond sex, and love is beyond having a good time.
It is about wanting the best for them, wanting to provide for them, and wanting them to be happy in their lives. And an affair is not that. An affair is a lot of sneaking around, the other woman being jealous of the wife, the wife being suspicious about what is going on, and the husband going back and forth between them. And that is not love. That is called a hot mess.

Because really when you think about it, if a married man was to love his mistress what is she getting out of the situation? She may get money, she may get sex, and she may get a little bit of time. But that is not love, those are just things.

It is not like the man is going to be there for her through thick and thin, she cannot go home and meet his family, spend the holidays with him, call him after work when she is having a bad day (because his wife is home), or just pop up at his house when she wants to. Therefore what about that spells love. It sounds more to me like a relationship of convenience.
Real love is about fully immersing your life with another person. The other woman may go on vacations with him, dinner, or give him encouragement from time to time. But she does not take on the full responsibilities of a real relationship like the wife does.
She is not the ones raising the kids, contributing to the household, or dealing with the in-laws. The mistress is really only there for the good times and not the bad. And that’s not love that is just fun. Love is unconditional. But an affair has conditions on it.

It says…
“I love you as long as my wife does not find out.”
“I love you as long as you are not asking me to leave my wife.”
“I love you as long as you have sex with me.”
“I love you as long as you be what I want you to be and do what I want and I get to go back home with my wife in the end.”
“I love you “but” …

As soon as you are not giving him what he wants as a mistress then his love is gone.
As soon as you require too much time as a mistress his love is gone.
As soon as he is tired of you his love is gone.  And as soon as you come between him and his wife his love is gone.

The point that I am getting at is that when it comes to love, you have to be there for both the good and the bad.So how can a married man love his mistress, when she is only there for the good and when the man wants to have a good time that is just called lust?

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