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Cell phone usage in the kitchen poses fire threat – GNFS.



Cell phone usage in the kitchen poses fire threat - GNFS. 49



The use of cell phones in the kitchen is dangerous as it can lead to fire explosion, the Ghana National Fire Services (GNFS) has cautioned.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer I (ACFOI), Madam Doris Lamptey, the Tema GNFS Commander in an interview told the Ghana News Agency that, there were some micro magnetic substances in the mobile phones that were combustible and taking them closer to the gas could ignite fire explosion in the kitchen.

She said all types of phones could spark such explosions and it was important to keep mobile phones away from the kitchen especially when the gas cylinder was on; “You may never know when the unexpected can occur, so it is advisable not to take the phone to the kitchen especially when the place is hot.”

ACFOI Lamptey also warned against the use of coal pot containing fire close to gas cylinder as it could easily spark fire explosion in the various homes adding that, the smallest amber of fire can cause a fire explosion.

She indicated that, “Gas is dangerous, and any naked flame can cause explosion and that is why we say do not let the cylinder get close to the burner because of the fire.”

The commander explained that, to reduce fire outbreaks this year and raise awareness on fire safety, the command had embarked on a day-to-day sensitization of the various communities in the region.

“This 2022, the service has taken it upon itself that, we want to prevent the fire to its lowest minimum, so we are doing fire safety campaign, realizing that domestic fire is always on the ascendancy, we have started with the slums because most of the residential fires are coming from such places,” she stated.