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Churches in Ghana should embrace homosexuals – Charlotte Osei.



charlotte osie



Former Chairperson of Ghana’s Electoral Commission Charlotte Osei says she expects the Church to rather take an inclusionist approach in the fight against homosexuality in Ghana.

According to her, the Church teaches its congregants to hate the sin but love sinners but that has not been the case in the fight against homosexuality in Ghana.

The lawyer who was speaking on Accra-based Joy FM when she made this known.

She said “Again I get concerned with the gay, lesbian thing and how we are approaching it because it more exclusionist than bringing them in. When you legislate sin, it’s very difficult, you are not changing the person.

As Christian, we are taught to hate the sin and love the sinner. I may not like homosexuality and all the alphabets that come with it but my constitution should also teach me that I must be tolerant with people with different beliefs and as a Christian, God Judges, the Holy Spirit convicts and my duty as a Christian is to preach the word and to pray and non of us are saints.

I would have loved to see churches reaching out to them and encouraging them to come and worship. Come let’s pray together, doing that does not mean you are endorsing the sin it means that you are loving the sinner and you are hating the sin. But it must be a more embracing approach that is what I will love to see in all spheres”.

Charlotte Osei was of the view that with the approach to fighting LGBTQI+, these members of the minority group feel not accepted in society and could fall for extremist groups who are well endowed with funding and that could mean doom for the country if they join and are released into the society.

“When you make people feel that they are less than citizens, they are not good enough, you just may find that there are extremist groups out there who reach out to them and make them feel welcomed. Come over to our team, here you are a valued member. You want to go to eid, here is some food take it to your family. The relevance that you are not giving them that you should they are finding it outside and that’s where the extremist get hold of them and when you add that to large levels of youth unemployment, large levels of the abuse of drugs by the youth, you may be creating a bigger situation that you may not be able to deal with…There are extremist groups with lots of funding who accept them and when they released them into society, you will have a bigger problem you cannot solve over generations.”