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Coach Opeele tried to rape me in a bar and I gave him 4 slaps-Shatana




Shantana, the blood sister of the late Terry Bonchaka has chronicled her near-rape experience in the hands of her former manager.

The musician in an interview with Fiifi Pratt on the #AfroJoint Show on Kingdom plus FM said that her manager took her to a popular bar to catch some fun after a session at the studio.

Voicing out what her ex-manager, Coach Opeele Boateng did to her, Shantana disclosed that it is an experience she will keep in memory throughout her lifetime.

According to the songstress, Coach Opeele tried to finger her at a bar. Though she resisted, her manager wanted to force his way through her pants to touch the eve’s trap ( her Vajayjay).

After struggling for some munites, Opeele still was horny and wanted to do the ‘thing’, this angered her to give him 4 hot slaps that moment to stop him.

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