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Expect more court cases against GES – Kofi Asare.



Expect more court cases against GES – Kofi Asare. 49



An education think tank, Africa Education Watch has called for a uniformed and standardized set of regulations particularly for public schools to end the cycle of the standoff between the schools on one hand and parents and religious groupings on the other side.

According to Africa Education Watch, there could be series of court cases similar to the Rastafarians issue, which ended in a victory for the parents and the students unless the standard sets of regulations is produced.

Executive Director at the Africa Education Watch, Kofi Asare speaking on the 3FM’s Sunrise Morning Show indicated, “If the GES and the Ministry continue with the approach where they are developing an MOU just for mission schools, then next time it won’t be mission schools. It will be a regular school”.

Two Rastafarian students were refused admission into the Achimota School because of their dreadlocks but a court ruling yesterday granted their rights to attend classes without cutting their dreadlocks.
Human Rights groups across the globe have hailed the landmark ruling as a test of the rule of law and victory for minority groups.

Kofi Asare however believes “ In the end until we have a uniformed code of regulations, people will go to court to pursue their rights”. He concluded.