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Galamsey: We fear that we will need to import water for our survival – Group (Video).



Galamsey: We fear that we will need to import water for our survival – Group (Video). 1



Galamsey Action Group, a civil society organization made up of indigenes of the Western Region and Western North Region says the Chiefs, Region Ministers, MMDCEs and the people of the Western and Western North regions should rise against galamsey because it is destroying the major rivers.

In a petition signed by Elizabeth Allua Vaah, Galamsey Action Group said:

“We fear that unless something drastic is done to curb this menace, we will need to import water for our survival, not counting debilitating diseases that can result from prolonged mercury poisoning. The loss of arable lands for the cultivation of cocoa and other cash crops and foodstuffs will only result in untold hardship.”

The petition added:

“Ordinary people seem helpless. Four hundred years ago our ancestors were complicit in selling off our brothers and sisters into slavery. Today, our country stands at the crossroads, flirting with a self-inflicted environmental disaster with unthinkable consequences for us and future generations. Many of our youth, oblivious to the dangers and in dire need of employment, have embraced this devastating venture as their means for survival. We, therefore, call on you, the leadership of Western and Western North regions and Nananom to save our land and our people from this menace.”

They exhorted residents of the two regions to use all “the resources at your disposal to educate the people on the environmental and health impacts of mercury and other chemicals used in irresponsible mining”.

Read below the full petition.