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Gays, lesbians in orphanages – CEO of GMI orphanage shares chilling story (watch video).



Gays, lesbians in orphanages - CEO of GMI orphanage shares chilling story (watch video). 1



The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Great Mission International Orphanage at Teshie- Nungua in Accra, Mr. John Nyavor has divulged that he once identified and sacked a gay from his orphanage.

Speaking in an interview with Hot FMs Ebenezer Amuzu, Mr. Nyavor said that particular guy during his stay in the orphanage never mingled with ladies but instead, started dating boys outside the home:

“A guy was once brought in here but never mingled with girls, you will never see him even talking to a girl, at the end of the day we found out that he was liking boys outside. But he is no more in the home because of that. When I checked that guys’ life, I realized that there might be something spiritual pushing him to do that, because I don’t understand. I decided to move him from the home to another place but by the time I realized it, he started dating boys there again. So I sacked him and told him you can’t be with GMI… I mean how.” Mr Nyavor told Hotfm TV.

When questioned if he has ever seen girls in his orphanage practicing lesbianism, Mr. Nyavor explained:

“As for my girls I have never seen anything like that before, you can question them on that if you wish”.

On the aspect of legalizing LGBTQI in Ghana, Mr. Nyavor said he thinks all those calling for its legalization are suffering from mental problems.

When asked if he believes it’s a sign of the end time with reference to a biblical allusion in 2 Timothy chapter 3 on same-sex marriages in the Bible, Mr. John Nyavor explained that:

“Truly it’s in the bible but I don’t think the bible says it will happen in Ghana so if we are bringing it to Ghana it means we are adding more to the bible and the Bible says whoever adds some to it the punishment will be more”.

Watch video of Mr. Nyavor’s submission below;