Ghana needs purging; sin has invoked this strange disease – Otukunor on coronavirus


Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Peter Boamah Otokunor, has attributed the importation of the COVID-19 pandemic to some spiritual factors.

He believes some sinful acts committed either by citizens or the country’s current leaders are key reasons the virus has infiltrated the country’s borders.

He said the country needs spiritual intervention at this particular period and that is why the NDC has declared a 3-day period of fasting and prayers as part of efforts to cleanse the country of the pandemic.

In an interview with OkayFM, Mr. Otokunor called on Ghanaians to pray against any form of curse government may have bought upon the country.

“We are pleading to God that he should forgive our sins. If our leaders have taken some steps they are not supposed to, God should have mercy upon us and listen to our prayers. These strange and scary things should not be happening to us. We were in government during the outbreak of HINI, Ebola and others yet none of them came close to the country. We even built the West Africa Centre for fighting Ebola here in Ghana,”

Meanwhile, two more cases of Coronavirus has been confirmed, bringing the total number of established cases in the country to nine (9).

President John Maham, Flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress, has also urged Ghanaians to refrain from politicizing the issue since it is a dire one, whilst pledging support to help the government whenever the need arises


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