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Ghanaian workers angry with President Akuffo Addo for failing to think about them



Ghanaian workers angry with President Akuffo Addo for failing to think about them 1

Some workers in the country are unhappy with the President of Nana Akuffo Addo for failing to show concern during his nation’s address yesterday evening on the steps taken in fighting the coronavirus.

The President for the 2nd time speaking to the Nation since the outbreak of Coronavirus revealed some measures that the government and the Ministry of Health have put in place to prevent the further spread of the virus.

In the President’s speech, he stated that all schools from basic to tertiary are all to be closed down until further notice, all churches, mosques are also not to operate for the next four weeks as well as all social gathering are supposed to be postponed until further notice starting today Monday 16th March 2020.

For workers, he explained that they are supposed to return to but to make sure they put in safety measures at their various workplaces so as to prevent the spread of the virus.

But this directive from the President didn’t go down well with some workers who took to social media to question if truly the President cares about them because so far 6 cases have been confirmed in the country.

According to them, countries that are more developed and equipped in the health sector have even under lockdown but he wants them to go to work and get infected by the virus.

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Check out some comments from them below:

@Mosesatinga: “Is Nana trying to say the workers are not important or what?”

@Mevrsyou: “No school, No church but you want us the workers to go and contract the virus..lie lie”

@Qwamebenedict: “Nice directives from the government but the case of the workers needs to be looked at again”

@blinkz: “Countries like Italy are reporting over 2000cases each day and all the president can do is to tell workers to use sanitizers”

@Griffindisc: “Herh Ghana, ministers are on holiday for the fear of coronavirus but other workers are warned to protect themselves at work..such is life”

@Zainab: “Are workers not Ghanaians; or we can die of coronavirus?”

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