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‘Ghanaians are thieves, naturally born bad’ – Kennedy Agyapong fumes.



‘Ghanaians are thieves, naturally born bad’ – Kennedy Agyapong fumes. 49



Assin Central Member of Parliament, Kennedy Agyapong, has submitted that Ghanaians are usually the reason behind the collapse of local business enterprises.

He added that even some foreign-owned businesses have become victims of mismanagement and theft by Ghanaian managers. He cited the case of a Turkish businessman who was reeling under losses engineered by Ghanaian staff.

Speaking on NET2 TV’s The Attitude programme on Friday (August 20, 2021), the lawmaker said it will take a resetting of the mind and total reorientation towards hard work to bring sanity to work places.

“The way they sabotage by stealing is serious, I will continue to say it. Because if not for criminally minded managers, why is it that when Indian, Lebanese and Chinese bring their own to manage businesses, these businesses flourish?

“Why then is it that when a Ghanaian appoints another as a manager, the business collapses? We are thieves, naturally born thieves, naturally born bad.

“I will continue to say it until we change our horrible attitudes, Ghanaian busineses will not flourish, we will mark time,” he stressed.

He also explained how Ghanaians abroad manage to succeed in life when they are outside of the country as compared to when they are at home.

He put itdown to the realities of being on your own and maintaining self discipline in a system that is in and of itself disciplined.

“There, no one begs for you, there is no intercession over there. Your life becomes structured. They are more studious and discipline than those in Ghana,” he told the programme host.

This is not the first time Agyapong is making such critical comments on work ethic of Ghanaians, he has routinely called out his own employees at the station for lacking initiative and being sloppy in the line of duty.

Months back, he related how husband of MP Ursual Owusu-Ekuful had opted to employ foreigners to run his eye clinic located at East Legon in Accra.

Agyapong said he had visited and gotten fantastic customer service, adding: “It belongs to husband of Hon Ursula Owusu. It is not only about the equipments but the man’s mindset and the way he is doing the tests is superb. You’d always love to return.

“But I can share one thing that he said that disappointed me. It is still about attitude, he said; Honourable, I am doing this job with Filipinos because Ghanaians will just destroy it.

Ken continued: “It is sad. A beautiful place where you’d be proud to see Ghanaians helping this man to succeed, but he has to use Filipinos. Why? If he doesn’t do that, his work wil collapse. So fellow Ghanaians, let us change our orientation,” he charged.