GHC300 will be stipend to twins every month when elected as President-Kofi Akpaloo

Founder and Leader of the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG), Percival Kofi Akpaloo has promised a monthly stipend of three hundred Ghana cedis (GHS 300) to twins below 18 years when elected as President.

This is part of a campaign promise meant to alleviate the plight of the ordinary Ghanaians as well as ensure children are insulated from hardships. This he describes as Child benefit allowance which will see his government pay a sum of GHS 200 to each child when voted into office come December 2020.

Mr Akpaloo is making the special allocation to twins because according to him, “it is difficult to take care of them.”

Speaking on Peace FM monitored by abcnews, he expressed confidence in winning the December polls which will pave way for the rolling out of these promises.

“Today if you take NPP and NDC out of the picture, there is no party other than LPG. All the rest are dormant. So I have hope that when we vote on 7th December 2020, I will win the election. I am 100% certain about that.”

“If I become President, I’ll make sure the young unemployed people in the country get jobs, every child in Ghana will enjoy a monthly stipend and that will be known as Child benefit. So if you give birth to any child, he or she will be entitled to a monthly allowance. We’re looking at children below 18 years so if you have 4 children below that age, you get GHS 200 every month for each. If there are twins among your children, they will receive GHS 300 each because taking care of twins is very difficult,” he stated.

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