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Highway robbers kill soldier at Ajaraja Beposo- (Photo).



Highway robbers kill soldier at Ajaraja Beposo- (Photo). 48



A soldier, identified as Job Odai, has been shot dead by highway robbers at Ajaraja Beposo in the Pru West District of the Bono Region.

The incident is said to have occurred around 10:30pm on Friday, May 21, 2021.

Information gathered by Adom News suggested that the officer with the Sunyani Military base was travelling from Sunyani through Prang to Kintampo.

The robbers are said to have mounted a roadblock at Ajaraja Beposo and attacked people onboard vehicles travelling on the stretch.

The deceased, who was driving a white pickup, went to the meet the operation ongoing and stepped out of his car to monitor the situation.

The robbers, upon sighting the uniformed soldier according to reports, pounced on him and demanded he hands over his uniform.

Highway robbers kill soldier at Ajaraja Beposo- (Photo). 49
The deceased, Job Odai

The robbers attacked and beat him to pulp after he turned down their demand.

Confused over what to do with him, some of the robbers suggested he should be allowed to go.

But others insisted he is killed and while he attempted to flee the scene, one of the robbers, who had laid ambush, shot him in the chest, leading to his death.