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How to Know If Someone Loves You Deeply Even If They Don’t Say It



How to Know If Someone Loves You Deeply Even If They Don’t Say It 1

This is a tricky subject that normally appeared funny but adversely, very prevalent in the male female entanglement. Fundamentally and naturally, as enumerated, creation of God had factored the living thing (human beings and mammals) in a clever way that the male predominantly launches the attack, subject to the power behind their sexual drive.

Irrespective of one’s faith, the Bible said in Genesis 2:23, “The man said, this is now bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called a woman, for she was taking out of a man”. The above quotation from the good book is empirical with rich metaphor that Adam the first man LUSTED for Eve, the opposite sex, a female and a woman for that matter, making that approach strictly scriptural and divine.

If a male homosapien failed to lust for the opposite sex (female), and females lacking the same inner urge for male counterparts, then there might be a hormonal dysfunction in place.
By that basic biblical prophecy and beyond ( Gen 3:16), the female counterpart usually will also lust for the male counterpart but it is sometimes done clandestinely, which beautifully attest to the subject of the day.

Anytime a female onslaught is signaled, it becomes more powerful and stronger in approach than male counterparts, reason being that emotionally, women or the female sexes predominantly are moved by sound speeches centered on their specification and dreams, and sometimes after a long period of observations from the distance, makes a move.
And here, a female approach must be watched with extra care (once again) in order not to fall prey to lustful men or male hyenas who are ready to devour anything in skirt that comes their way.

Subsequent to the above indices, the followings are proposed solutions; A guy supposedly interested in a lady and vice versa, but lacked the capacity or courage to make a move, must first begin with a courtesy of the African perspective of “greetings” and exchanges of natural pleasantness.
Be careful not to begin with PHYSICAL PLEASANTNESS (gifts) because it could out rightly mar your intentions as a result of inappropriate advances.

Do it by first getting to know the composure and compatible traits of the person very well, then getting closer to each other, getting to accept the request for friendship whilst the opportunity for the opposite sex opening up for a date becoming rare.
To open up and say, “I LOVE YOU” predominantly has a temperamental undertone.
Characteristically, what a sanguine person can easily say or do cannot be similarly resonant on a melancholic individual, irrespective of the fact that he or she is truly crazy for love.

A melancholic person will recoil and will find it extremely difficult opening up to the either sex for love advancement thereby letting loose the opportunity to fraternize.
Secondly, the word “I love you” sometimes becomes a mere formality when approaches are done in a matured and civilized manner, which then renders the long awaited emotional desires and an icing on the cake.

Utterance of the word, “I LOVE YOU” mustn’t be a barrier because it isn’t the beginning and end of an amorous relationship. It’s real life and colors surfaces MIDWAY in every relationship approach which then warrants one getting a niche of a touch of something specific of the opposite sex before saying the word I LOVE YOU.
Although instant love, or what we sometimes call LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT is a possibility (because it can be divinely orchestrated), it is rare leading to the fact that LUST can be an underlying factor to most of those precepts if second look is not adhered to it.

Love is a game of reciprocity, and must remain so irrespective of individual reasons for entering or opting for relationship. Its mere mentioning to either side mustn’t be taken for granted because it can be feigned or presumptuous.

By Sammy Ladzekpo

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