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I don’t believe Ejura protesters had guns and shot at security personnel – Kweku Baako.



I don’t believe Ejura protesters had guns and shot at security personnel – Kweku Baako. 46



Abdul Malik Kweku Baako, Editor-In-Chief of the New Crusading Guide Newspaper has rejected claims by the police and military that the protesting youth of Ejura among other weapons wielded guns.

Baako whiles speaking on Metro TV on Thursday, July 8, 2021 said he has no reason to trust the allegations being made against the youth by the two institutions.

He said that if the police indeed made such recoveries, they should have made it public and not wait till the committee to make such disclosures.

He warned that the peddling of falsehood could impugn the integrity of the institutions they represent as well as the committee.

“The point about the people were armed and shooting. Maybe I should be careful but I don’t believe it. I have to be honest and I know what I’m doing may not be the best but I don’t believe that story. The story that people the people had guns and shot, I don’t believe it. I’m told they had machetes, knives and sticks but if you told me that they had guns and fired …

“With forensics there should have been some evidence by now. Integrity of such enquiries are critical and integrity of institutions who testify are very critical so if there is a split-second doubt, that is the end of the integrity of the findings the committee will make. If the people were shooting, some of all these videos, you’d see signs,” he said.

The assertion that the youth of the Ejura carried guns was first made by the Commander of the 4th Infantry Battalion and re-echoed by the District Police Commander of Ejura, DSP Hammond.

Taking his turn before the three-member ministerial committee probing the incident, DSP Hammond said he did not set eyes on the gun but heard shots that he is convinced were from a pump action gun.

He disclosed that aside the guns, the protesters also had stones, machetes and other missiles which were targeted at the police.

“The angry mob were charged, they started throwing stones, missiles, offensive weapons and sound of a pump-action gun was also heard. I moved the Police to the scene because they were under my command. They were moved from the Regional Command, so on the grounds, they were under my command,” he said.

“Did you personally see the youth or demonstrators or rioters holding these weapons?” a member of the Committee asked.

DSP Philip Hammond replied stating: “I didn’t see but I heard the sound. They were firing, I heard the sound of the pump action gun but the missiles, stones and other offensive weapons, they were throwing them.”