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I left my UK-based boyfriend for a pastor because the Holy Spirit revealed he will marry me – Woman recounts.



I left my UK-based boyfriend for a pastor because the Holy Spirit revealed he will marry me – Woman recounts. 49



Woman demands GH¢40,000 compensation from ex-lover

Woman and ex-lover banter on live radio

I didn’t tell her I am a pastor, man tells Aunty Naa

A jilted woman is demanding a compensation of GH¢40,000 from a man she says ‘took her for a fool’ after bearing him a child.

According to Sarah Eshun, she met Richard Kwabena Bonsu some six years ago in a commercial bus (trotro) in Kumasi and he introduced himself to her as a pastor with the Maker’s House Chapel International in Accra.

Sarah, telling her story to Aunty Naa on Oyerepa FM, noted that Richard told her he had received a revelation that she was meant to be his wife and therefore proposed love and marriage to her.

She said despite having a boyfriend based in the United Kingdom at the time, she found Richard’s story of divine revelation compelling and went into a relationship with him.

Along the line of their relationship, Sarah said she took seed and was promised by Richard that he will go ahead and marry her after she puts to bed.

Sarah said Richard has since reneged on the promise of marriage and has also taken her baby from her after marrying another woman.

She is therefore demanding a compensation of GH¢40,000 and the return of her baby from the man who failed to fulfil his promise to make her a pastor’s wife.

Reacting to her claims, Richard Boateng, who was called on phone by the show host, denied being a pastor or premising his love and marriage proposal to Sarah on any divine revelation.

On her compensatory demands, a furious Richard stated that “I don’t have GH¢40,000 to give to her. She can take me wherever she wants to, I will come and answer.”

“She is quoting GH¢40,000 but has she seen GH¢40,000 before? What the hell is she saying. It is an issue that has come up, she should relax and let’s address it.”

Asked by the host how much he is willing to pay for the compensation, Richard retorted saying “I have not thought about it. When I think about it, I will call her and inform her.”

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