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Why Africans are over religious.



Why Africans are over religious. 59



Africans are religious because living in Africa is a gamble, this is a country where nothing is predictable.

Why Africans are over religious. 60

Nigerian graduates swearing their allegiance to the country

You went to school you graduated, they said you must go for NYSC, you as a prospective NYSC corp member your luck is entwined between being sent to a peaceful location or being sent to a kidnappers den, being able to travel safely through the bad roads, using the terrible transport system or being among the unlucky ones who couldn’t make it through the journey, being posted to a place where you can acquire real relevant skills that could improve your employability or being posted to a village school where you just idle around for a year.

After finishing your NYSC, now you need a job that is another major gamble that can dictate the course of your life, at this phase nothing is predictable also whether you graduated with the best certificate or not as far as you are an ordinary citizen you will certainly need God to prop up your luck.

I don’t want to bother writing about how much you need your luck propped up when you finally and luckily get a job as a graduate in Africa .

Also as a citizen of this noble country, you need God to prop up your luck of not getting sick from what ever you do for survival, Nigeria has a doctor to patients ratio of 1:6000, so if you get sick and you are not so wealthy sorry bro your case is “on God”: that’s what we say during these period of uncertainty, or we say “you are OYO(on your own)”. The government are always busy preparing for the next election, they have little time governing.

You have a business that rely on electricity sorry your case is “on God”. Predicting that there’s going to be electricity to run your business throughout a given day is just like predicting the second coming of Jesus. A lot of business close down because of this uncertainty, beside my house there used to be a frozen food store, they close down after seeing many of their stocked items rot in the freezer, now they sell mattresses, they are trying to reduce their uncertainty.

There are many more uncertainty in Africa than one could possibly list out in a small article. The point is it’s Africa that makes people need God.

Come to Nigeria you will need some God.

And there are people who see opportunities in these uncertainty and capitalized on it; the religious leaders.

The idea of religion in Africa is, when you serve God, pray regularly, pay tithes, then God the most powerful will help with all these uncertainty. Very few people care about hell or heaven over here.

Right from childhood you will be told constantly that you need to be religious and closer to God to maneuver these life challenges, that would actually not be there if the government do their job.