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I Wear Expensive Clothes Just Once And Give It Out to Charity – Empress Gifty.



I Wear Expensive Clothes Just Once And Give It Out to Charity – Empress Gifty. 49



Gospel musician Gifty Adorye has joined the many celebrities who brag about vanity and material possessions.

It is written in the bible that the children of God rid themselves off worldly things and concentrate on the kingdom of God but it looks like Gifty loves the world most.

For some time now, fans have raised concern on the behavior of the gospel musician and how extravagant she dresses to events.

Reacting to the many complains, Gifty Ardorye says the people criticizing her outlook wish they could afford what she wears.

She went on to brag that she is so rich that she does not repeat attires but give it out to friends and charity after every event.

“There are people who can’t afford the dress you wear so when they see you dressed then they develop high blood pressure

If you give them the dress, they’ll wear but because the person doesn’t have what you are wearing that’s why they are talking negative about it.”

“But if the person had some, they might see hoe beautiful it is so some time I do give away most of the dress I wear to my fans.”

It is a normal thing that I do so maybe a dress I wore to some music awards or a big program when I’m done I look for who might be wearing the same size of the dress and give it out for free to those who might need it.

“I do it often so I don’t see anything wrong why would you complain about my dressing it just that you wished to be dressed like me” 

she said in a interview.

Knowing very well that her comment will be criticized again, Gifty added that “Some of them are not up to your level and some of them come to comment under your post because of jealousy.”

We do not blame her, she is married to an affluent politician so the money is available to fund the extravagant lifestyle.