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I went on the show for fame; I already had music – BBNaija Laycon clarifies.



I went on the show for fame; I already had music – BBNaija Laycon clarifies. 60



President of Icons, Laycon, in an interview with MzGee has debunked the popular misconception that he started music only because he won Big Brother House Lockdown in Nigeria.

Olamilekan Moshod Agbeleshe, popularly known in Showbiz as Laycon, said he was a musician before the reality show. But, confirmed that the exposure from the competition has enormously boosted his career.

In an exclusive interview on the Entertainment Segment of The NewDay morning show, Laycon asserts that he was ‘an underground artist’ with singles like Fierce before going into the BBNaija House. He said the primary reason for his participation in the completion was so people can connect to his music through the show.

He said, “I was Laycon the Artist. But now this is Laycon the Big Brother Naija Winner, Laycon the Media Personality, and the guy that’s known all over Africa. I wouldn’t have become that Laycon without the show. I knew that was what I wanted. And for all this to translate back to music was the intention. The intention was for the music.”

He continued to say he would always be grateful for the publicity his membership in the house got him.

But when I say I had put out projects before I went on the show is just me saying do not think I didn’t know what I was doing when I went on the show. Like I have this fame now and its music I want to do. I had music. I want this fame so that I can continue to promote my music was the idea I had before the show.”

His intentions are different from the perception that people have about his involvement with the show. People think that he started music only because BBNaija made him famous.
Winner of Big Brother Nigeria Lockdown, Laycon, said that his songs are rare because they each have unique interpretations. The rapper added that his songs tell a lot about life. And it is purposed to fulfil what his maker demands of him.

“Do you what I love about my music. I love the fact that when I speak, you go and dialogue about it. And people listen to the lyrics of the song and any song that I bring you to see people dissecting it in different ways and meanings. And that’s why I think the power in my music is the lyrics. And that makes it so special.”

The Singer rose to stardom officially in 2020 after successfully defeating competitors like Dorathy and Nengi. Now he dominates the Nigerian music industry and the star of his supporters (the icons) within Nigeria.

The rapper and songwriter is officially the youth ambassador of Orin State in Nigeria. And signed unto Fierce Nation Records has since released singles and currently on tour to promote his new Ep titled ‘Shall we begin ’.

However, Laycon said that he outgrew all the commotion in the house.