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Is modern feminism a threat to society?



Is modern feminism a threat to society? 49



Modern feminism is a passive threat to men’s progress but not because of this picture. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the picture. All it says that women are not obligated to do certain things.

Similar things that would apply to men – men do not have to – work, earn, study, be fit, learn to please a woman, pay on dates, cook, clean the house, pay alimony, pay child support etc etc. Truth be told, who is going to be affected if men do not work ? Basically the guy will remain unemployed and scavenging for livelihood. If that is his choice, so be it.

Similarly, if women choose not to shave, not to love men or want to look manly, have biceps and build muscles, who is to stop them ? Just that such women will no longer be desirable. They can choose to do what they want to but they cannot force men to accept them when they look like a pos. They are likely to be ignored and denied any kind of attention. After all, doesn’t that what the picture seem to imply ? Certain things are common sense.

Just ignore these fringe elements. They will come around eventually.