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“JM is innocent ; There’s nothing between us” – Joyce Dzidor reveals.



“JM is innocent ; There’s nothing between us” - Joyce Dzidor reveals. 45



Joyce Dzidor Mensah, an ambassador who has worked with the Ghana Aids Commission has stormed the premises of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) with her two children and two fetish priests dressed in all white, to boldly conduct an HIV/AIDS test on her children and herself to prove that it is possible to get infected whilst your children wouldn’t get infected. She also revealed certain vital information.

The test according to the health professionals will take not less than fifteen minutes. That is according to them, the test results shall be available for display in only after 15 minutes. So after taking their blood samples, she decided to give further information about what happened some years back.

Speaking about the rumors that transpired between their relationship, Joyce Dzidor Mensah revealed that she has not, at one point in time, partnered with former president and leader of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr John Dramani Mahama in any way as in a love relationship.

She also revealed that former President John Mahama and his beloved wife, Lordina Mahama, never took her to Dubai to conduct any test for her. She said that all those allegations levelled against the former president and herself were all lies and that they are not true in any way.

“A lot of allegations were made against former president John Dramani Mahama and his wife concerning me. I would first of all want everyone to know that I don’t belong to any political party, no, I only belong to a musical party that sing songs and dance. I never dated or have been in a relationship with former president John Mahama. He is an innocent man in this matter,” Joyce Dzidor Mensah revealed live on TV.

Around her were two fetish priests dressed in white. According to her, their presence is to vivify the fact that all that she is undertaking is completely true and that she isn’t lying to anyone. That was why they conducted those libations before everything started. I cannot lie to anyone, no even a soul, she reiterated.

The purpose of the whole show this afternoon was to prove to the whole world that it is possible to be HIV positive yourself, whilst your children and others very close to test negative. The test results also proved this fact after fifteen minutes.