Lockdown: 406 stubborn Ghanaians in police grips for disobeying lockdown orders

Though a fair number of people have complied with the orders she explained, a good number of them have also ignored them.

“People have largely complied with the directive of his Excellency the President. There are a good number of people who are still recalcitrant.

“So far around the country, 406 persons have been arrested. 103 are in custody, 248 have been granted bail, and 41 have been processed for court.” She said.

Giving the breakdown of the arrests in the various, she said,

ACP Donkor further noted that the culpable persons are going to be dealt with as per sanctions contained in the Imposition of Restrictions Act. In some cases, sanctions may involve fines and in others, imprisonment within a given term.

“People are leaving their homes, people having parties, going to the beaches, weddings, which are clearly in violation of the Imposition of Restrictions Act so these people are going to be dealt with in accordance with the Imposition of Restrictions Act.”

“If you are arrested, you will be prosecuted after successful investigations and if you are found guilty, you are required to pay a fine of GHC 12000 to GHC 50,000 or entitled to imprisonment 4 to 10 years.” She noted.

Per the Act, the President has ordered among other things that Ghanaians observe the social distancing order, stay home in areas affected by the partial lockdown and avoid social gatherings.

Meanwhile, Ghana’s cases remain at 566 as confirmed by the Ghana Health Service as of April 13, 2020, with 17 recoveries and 8 deaths.


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