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Man Jailed For Cursing A Judge.



Man Jailed For Cursing A Judge. 3

A young man in his late 20’s is reported to have been given an extra two more years to his jail term after he rained curses on a judge for sentencing him to 5 years in prison of a crime he knows nothing about.

Sumaila, who according to reports was charged on the basis of stealing, tried to prove his innocence in court but the judge did not give ear to his claims and sentenced him to five years in prison with hard labor.

Man Jailed For Cursing A Judge. 4

This, infuriated the suspect and he cursed the judge whose name has not been given yet that he will be sacked. The judge then added two more years to Sumaila’s already 5 year jail term making it 7 years.

This was brought to light by Crime Check Ghana; a crime prevention advocacy organization that fights for innocent persons who are convicted wrongly.

Sumaila’s curse came to pass as the judge was sacked after he was featured in Anas Exposé on corrupt judges in the country.

Sumaila according to Ibrahim Kwarteng who Heads Crime Check Foundation, has since served his full term and was released only last week.

After strongly protesting his innocence in court, Sumaila could not believe it when he was sentenced to five years in prison in hard labour. He cursed the judge and was given two years additional sentence. Sumaila was wrong in insulting the judge but was it necessary for the judge to have added two more years to Sumaila’s sentence? In cursing the judge, Sumaila said the judge will be sacked one day. Strangely, he got sacked in the Anas expose’. Will you call it a coincidence or a reflection of Sumaila’s curse?

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