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Mzbel Tears Prophet Nigel Gaisie Apart Again



Mzbel Tears Prophet Nigel Gaisie Apart Again 5

Ghanaian female Musician, Mzbel is back on Prophet Nigel Gaisie’s case.

The musician, who took to her social media platform on Sunday to descend on Prophet Nigel, served a one-week ultimatum to the leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel to either pay an agreed compensation or she goes public with their ‘secret’ problem.

Well, according to Mzbel this time around, she knows the source of all Prophet Nigel Gaisie ‘s “Monkey dey work Baboo dey chop” Prophecies , and added that she doesn’t believe in Touch Not that Anointed thing.

Mzbel took to her IG page and posted,

“Nigel Gaise show me your voters ID card and the number of people you’ve ever mobilized to vote… and I promise I will drop all charges against u.

BLACKMAIL REALLY???! When u lie that NPP came to your imaginary mansions to collect your imaginary 19 cars for speaking the mind of your imaginary god and therefore if NDC doesn’t give u a car the anger of god will fall upon them… that is BLACKMAIL!!! EMOTIONAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL BLACKMAIL! Okladogbe hi3 f33fl3!

If for real u have a god that opens your filthy eyes to see the future… why are u in this mess right now?! Why didn’t your god stop Chis from bringing police to arrest u twice?! I know the source of all your “Monkey dey work Baboo dey chop” Prophecies so dude dont 4kin Push me!!! Touch not my anointed… saa? 3ni3 ma touchy! U touch me I touch u!!!

Mzbel Tears Prophet Nigel Gaisie Apart Again 6

Mzbel on Sunday posted that;

Mzbel Tears Prophet Nigel Gaisie Apart Again 7



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