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Rawlings Death spells doom for NDC – Spokesperson



Rawlings Death spells doom for NDC - Spokesperson 46

Ashanti Regional Director of Communications for the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) Mr. Richard Boadu, has predicted that the death of the founder of the NDC, Jerry John Rawlings, will bring about the eventual collapse of the NDC

Mr Buadu was speaking on Wontumi TV/Radio’s early morning show on Monday.

He emphasized, “J.J’s death means the death of the NDC because only the late NDC founder and his wife who has also gone her separate ways were once jointly holding the NDC together or were the two pillars supporting the umbrella party.

According to the regional information directorof the PPP the current crop of NDC leaders failed to protect the JJ’s legacy when he was alive so with his demise the soul of the NDC is gone with everything good about the party.”

“Living JJ alone as an orphan in his own party made him drift towards President Akufo-Addo where he found solace “

He said further that the love between J. J. Nana Addo could also mean that the NPP’s leader’s pursued pro-poor polices met the expectation of the NDC founder, thus , thus the two became enjoined by a common principle

Mr. Buadu again noted that the insults rained on Mr. Rawlings by his own party members included Kwakye Ofosu, Omane Boamah among others was a planned affront.

“Ghanaians can’t forget what Asiedu Nketiah once said that We (The NDC) have tamed the barking dog.”

He condemned the “noise” being made by some NDC functionaries that they deserve to be given total control over JJ’s body and funeral as “empty.”

“Have they forgotten that JJ was a statesman? Stephen Atubiga’s remarks that even if the state buries the remains of the former head of state they would exhume the body is callous and has greatly offended the sensibilities of the bereaved family.”

Mr. Boadu suggested that the government should press for JJ’s body to be buried in the Volta Region to honour the people from the late JJ’s home Region.

“Any such move by the government will even deepen the impression some notable Ghanaians have about the ruling party that it cares for the people from the Volta region.” He said.

The NPP communicator suggested to the NDC to extend the renewed respect and adoration they now have for the founder of their party to his wife, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings if their intentions are indeed genuine.