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Teachers salary has not been touched – NAGRAT.



The President of the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), Mr. Angel Carbonu has said no teacher salary has been touched after the introduction of professional development allowance which has a specific purpose to aid the teacher in his/her professional development.

According to him, the professional allowance was negotiated by leadership for a particular purpose and that is why it is separated from Teaches’ salaries but there was a rumor going around that teachers’ salaries have been deducted.

 Addressing the media in Accra, Mr. Angel Carbonu called on Teachers to dispute the rumor because the annual teacher professional allowance is not part of the main monthly salary.

The payment of professional development allowance to teachers has come to stay after a successful negotiation between the Government and the Teacher Unions in 2019.

This according to the agreement will help teachers to enable them to upgrade themselves professionally and academically.

The first-ever payment of the professional development allowance was done in November 2020.

One hundred Ghana cedis (Ghc100) per month as an allowance for professional teachers and eighty Ghana cedis (Ghc 80.00) for non-professional teachers was agreed to be paid annually that is one thousand two hundred Ghana cedis per annum (Ghc 1,200.00) and nine hundred and sixty Ghana cedis (Ghc 960.00) respectively.