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The pain of being a Ghanaian – (watch video).



The pain of being a Ghanaian - (watch video). 49



Life becomes more challenging when one goes through hardship coupled with disability.

This has been the story, especially of some residents in communities like Gomoa Ayensuadze and Gomoa Tetsiam in the central Region, a region noted for acute poverty. These residents, mostly physically challenged persons and the aged seemed to have been abandoned by the government. Their situation has compelled Crime Check Foundation, CCF to go to their aid.

CCF with support from its donors gave each beneficiary monies ranging from Two Hundred Ghana cedis to Four Hundred Ghana cedis to help ease their financial difficulties.

The Executive Director of Crime Check Foundation, Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng expressed gratitude to the donors who contributed. He appealed for further support to enable the organization extend its aid to other communities. “In accordance with the Holy Bible and Holy Quran it is mandatory to extend a helping hand to those who are afflicted. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to go to the aid of these struggling individuals.” He said.

Some beneficiaries including 75-year-old Maame Yaa was left to her fate when she got bedridden after separating a fight between two neighbors. She told crimecheckghana, that she cannot afford medical care. “Life has not been easy at all. I struggle to get a meal a day. I lost all hope because of the harsh living conditions.” She said.

CCF gave her Two Hundred Ghana cedis hoping to get more support for her. Maame Yaa blessed the Foundation and CCF for the support.

Similarly, 70-year-old stroke patient, Ama Etiwaa received Three Hundred Ghana cedis after narrating how she has been abandoned and struggles to feed herself. She was thankful to CCF and its donors for coming to her aid.

CCF has supported many struggling village dwellers with business capital and funds to ease their livelihood.